Blockchain has created a value chain for a new era, web3 – Lucid Hoang, Founder of UFIN

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2023-10-14 18:09:12
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Mr. Lucid Hoang, in this interview, shared about his journey in the field of blockchain and how he approached this technology.

Blockchain đã tạo ra một chuỗi giá trị cho một kỷ nguyên mới là web3 – Lucid Hoàng, Founder UFIN

Getting started in the blockchain field
Lucid Hoang started by introducing himself and his start in the blockchain field. He created a project in 2003 called "Dong Han - Korea", with the desire to develop a network throughout Vietnam to meet the needs of shopping, information management, knowledge and opinion gathering. , helping shareholders interact with each other easily. In 2016, blockchain began to flourish and many technology platforms began to be applied more. But it was not until 2018 that this technology became truly popular with large projects and large startups. Demand is increasingly growing and growing suddenly, up to several thousand percent per year. There was a time when the number of project requests in a month was up to 20 projects with an explosive scale, making human resources increasingly scarce. Especially in the future, Lucid Hoang realizes that its demand will increase, so since then his company has developed a human resources segment to support organizations to meet this scale and need.

Explore the world of blockchain
Lucid Hoang went on to talk about his interest in blockchain and how he sees things happening in a short amount of time for blockchain technology. He believes that this technology has proven itself at a new level and has the potential to change many aspects of life.

Blockchain mission
Lucid Hoang shares his vision and mission in blockchain development. He wishes to contribute to building a strong blockchain community in Vietnam and contribute to the development of this technology globally. He wants to participate in projects that promote blockchain and serve the community.

Changes in blockchain technology
Lucid Hoang emphasized the significant developments in the blockchain sector and how this technology has changed many aspects of life. He emphasized the role of blockchain in creating transparency, safety and security for transactions and information. He also mentioned the importance of leveraging decentralized storage to protect data.


Challenges in building a blockchain team
Lucid Hoang mentioned that one of the big challenges when working with blockchain projects is finding and building the right team. He said that this field requires human resources with specific skills and knowledge in blockchain programming, and finding the right personnel can be a big challenge.

The future of blockchain
Lucid Hoang discusses the future of blockchain and the potential for growth in this field. He believes that blockchain technology will continue to develop and will create many new opportunities for businesses and communities. He believes that blockchain can change the way we interact and conduct transactions in daily life.

Advice for people wanting to get into the blockchain field
Finally, Lucid Hoang shares advice for those who want to enter the blockchain field. He advises that learning and updating new knowledge is important, along with participating in development communities and having support from experienced people in the industry. He also advised young people not to hesitate to participate in blockchain projects to gain experience and develop a career in this field.