Blockchain has created a value chain for a new era, web3 – Lucid Hoang, Founder of UFIN

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2023-09-14 13:31:20
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Mr. Lucid Hoang revealed that his company has been operating in the field of international outsourcing. During this process, he realized the needs of international ordering units that had become interested in programming and blockchain a long time ago, about 10 years ago. However, instead of watching from afar, Mr. Lucid Hoang recognized the opportunity and decided to enter the fascinating world of blockchain.

In the following conversation, we see that the rise of blockchain came in 2016 and the technology platform has started to adopt it more widely. However, the peak of this development did not appear until the recent period, from 2018 onwards, when this technology really became popular with large projects and startups. Demand is increasing and growing rapidly, with a growth rate of several thousand percent in just one year. This created a storm of project traffic and caused a shortage of human resources. In this context, Mr. Lucid Hoang has developed the human resources segment to support organizations in meeting this scale and demanding needs.

Mr. Lucid Hoang has participated in more than 100 different blockchain projects during his lifetime. From a developer's perspective, he has noticed changes related to programming languages happening very quickly, requiring people working in this field to quickly learn and learn new technologies. . Because blockchain is an open source industry, architectural and technical improvements happen every day, requiring workers to stay up to date and participate in the development community to continuously evolve.

We also realize that for business owners, they must organize and plan in advance. The market is in the early stages so the need for human resources is very flexible, sometimes surplus, sometimes lacking, so it is necessary to have a plan to prepare human resources such as recruiting interns, training personnel or linking with partners. to have available human resources and not be passive before the market boom.

The next conversation focused on the applications of blockchain and how they are affecting various industries. Mr. Lucid Hoang shares the view that blockchain is changing the way people think about security, safety and especially transparency. Transactions in the blockchain are public, making projects more transparent than traditional methods.

He also emphasized that blockchain has the potential to create a new value chain for the Web 3.0 era, opening up new markets for businesses. This creates great opportunities for startups in his incubator. The conversation continued with discussions about the future of blockchain and the impact of current cryptocurrency market volatility.

Mr. Lucid Hoang shares his views on how blockchain is evolving and what factors will drive its development in the future. He emphasized that current blockchain technology focuses on addressing infrastructure and enhancing its security and trustworthiness. At the same time, blockchain and Web3 are integrating many other complementary technologies, including artificial intelligence and big data, to enhance the performance and application of blockchain.

Finally, the conversation focused on how the volatility of the cryptocurrency market will affect the potential of blockchain. Mr. Lucid Hoang analyzed that in the current market situation, businesses participating in the golden age of the cryptocurrency market forced many businesses to participate, creating excitement in a very short period of time. . However, if there are signs of decline, as recently, it will cause these businesses to go bankrupt or have to withdraw, affecting the entire blockchain market and causing a rapid decline. However, for the short term aspect, there may be an impact, but in the medium and long term future, this will not have much impact.

Blockchain đã tạo ra một chuỗi giá trị cho một kỷ nguyên mới là web3 – Lucid Hoàng, Founder UFIN

The conversation ended with asking questions about the biggest challenges that Mr. Lucid Hoang encountered when building teams for blockchain projects. He shared that because the blockchain industry uses very new programming languages, the personnel who understand these languages are quite few, most of them are interns or have 1-2 years of experience, which is difficult. the most difficult for project owners.

Finally, Mr. Lucid Hoang shares advice for those who want to enter the blockchain field. He advises that they should proactively learn and improve their knowledge of the industry, participate in development communities and constantly stay updated with the latest information. Finally, he advised that you should not hesitate to participate in blockchain projects, because it is an opportunity to gain experience and develop quickly.

Finally, the conversation with Mr. Lucid Hoang has left us with valuable experiences and insight into the potential world of blockchain. The rise of this technology and its impact on various industries is opening up unlimited opportunities for the future. Let's continue to follow and explore the exciting developments of blockchain and related technology.

Chia-se-tu-anh-Lucid-Hoang-sau-nhieu-nam-dong-hanh-cung-nganh-blockchainSharing from Mr. Lucid Hoang after many years of accompanying the blockchain industry