UFIN Group upholds the purpose of “respect for human values, encourage people’s innovation, care for people’s lives”, focusing on personnel professional qualities training, knowledge and skills development, and improvement of life quality.

UFIN Group adheres to the people-oriented thinking, which gives employees a clear goal and develop a scientific mechanism to stimulate staff development We work together to create the ideal cause, and we keep in mind the sincere feelings of warmth.

UFIN Group employees always maintain a high degree of passion for the pursuit of dreams. We are made to be dynamic, passionate, and creative.

Depending on the position and experience, the recruiter will be assigned the appropriate amount of work. However, we can generalize the job description that HR will have to perform immediately as follows:

1. Recruitment work group
2. Working group on compensation and benefits (C&B)
3. Administrative work group
4. Training and development work group