UFIN Group's vision is to become an iconic corporation in the field of Web3, especially in the field of Education - Web3 Incubation.


UFIN Group's mission is to create an environment full of the best necessary resources, tools and support so that businesses can develop and expand their activities sustainably and successfully on this web3 platform.

Business Culture
Business Culture

UFIN wants to initiate and develop modern technologies in order to meet the needs of growing and transforming businesses. By changing from the small things in technology, we hope to create an impact on everyday lives and make them better.

- Trust: Integrity and independence are our greatest values as we always remind ourselves to be accountable, ethical, and reliable.

- Innovation: We always strive to not only meet our customers' expectations but to surpass it and offer them the best solution, making us the leading company in the dynamic environment.

- Partnership: "Together, we'll go faster", as we always put ourselves to bring more and more partnership with ourselves, with our customers, with our industry partners to bring top-quality results.

- Performance: With each and every action we do end up in satisfying results and excellent effects on the world.

Our Values
Our Values

Corporate culture depends on values.
UFIN supports solutions to help businesses build infrastructure on decentralized clouds in a more scientific and efficient way. This invention is considered as one of the great advancements of technology in storing, using, and distributing data.

UFIN will implement a decentralized server network for the operating system, thereby supporting businesses and governments in establishing a decentralized cloud data storage and management network. Our goal is to build this infrastructure system large and powerful enough to meet the needs of users on a global scale. This system will be operated on the basis of Blockchain to ensure transparency. This also ensures that the data will not be tampered with by third parties during operation and storage.

Thus, Big Data will be stored with Artificial Intelligence, bringing smart transactions to users.

Our Responsibilities
Our Responsibilities

At UFIN, we all prioritize and put responsibility first. Each employee understands that he has a shared responsibility to run the company smoothly, respecting and benefiting customers, the community, and the environment.

We support People, Markets, and World. By asking How and Why, we want to find the most convenient and beneficial solutions for customers while ensuring environmental friendliness and meaningful technology development to the community.

Every action counts.
All values are expressed through technology and put people at the center.