Blockchain opens up new opportunities for Vietnamese businesses

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2023-10-14 18:29:37
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Information shared in the Blockchain Talk program series organized by Vietnam Blockchain Chapter - VBC (under VECOM) and Blockchain Chapter - BAS (member of DTS Digital Transformation Alliance). The fifth seminar has the topic "Portrait of the new generation of blockchain companies. Who are they?".
Participating in the program are experts with many years of experience such as Mr. Leon Truong - Chairman of DTS, Mr. Nguyen The Cuong - Director and co-founder of Vconomics, Mr. Lucid Hoang - founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ufin, Mr. Pham Quoc Bao - founder of Monihub and Director of Moniwar and Mr. Stephen Phan - Director and founder of Calo App.


Portraits of startups in the blockchain field
Currently, a number of businesses apply blockchain to solve specific social problems such as finance, entertainment, health care... Blockchain has practical applications with creative and creative solutions. growing stronger and stronger, thereby creating a new wave in Vietnam.
Regarding the gaming sector, Mr. Pham Quoc Bao said, blockchain application in the gaming sector helps increase interaction between players and the community, satisfy entertainment needs, increase income, and open up job opportunities. new for everyone.
With the financial industry, Mr. Nguyen The Cuong shared the unit's choice of AI technology to develop a user credit scoring application. In which blockchain will play a linking role and provide decentralized financial solutions and permanent data storage.
"The scoring application will help the company determine the user's credit capacity, thereby offering appropriate financial solutions and providing a solid knowledge training program for each individual," Mr. Nguyen The Cuong said.
On the other hand, Mr. Lucid Hoang does not focus on a specific industry but aims to build a decentralized operating system platform. This platform will support startups in developing applications at optimal costs and increasing competitiveness in the market.
Blockchain in the field of sports helps optimize the experience, bringing users into the metaverse (virtual universe) so they feel more excited when practicing, while also generating passive income.
"Blockchain and AR and VR applications create virtual worlds that simulate reality, encouraging users to exercise anytime, anywhere, explore new experiences and improve themselves, while increasing connectivity between people. people", according to Mr. Stephen Phan.
Mr. Leon Truong assessed that the common characteristics of startups participating in the blockchain field are understanding of this technology and applying the latest techniques in the products and services of businesses.
"Businesses also know how to coordinate blockchain and other developing modern technologies such as AI or metaverse," Mr. Leon Truong analyzed.


Mr. Leon Truong - Chairman of DTS Alliance.
Unlike previous waves, blockchain technology entails a series of new technologies. Blockchain has uniqueness, security, transparency and infinite storage capacity, brings many benefits and is effectively applied in different industries and fields.
Blockchain startup operating model
Businesses in general and startups in particular always aim to choose a form of operation that ensures efficiency. Among them, the lean model is chosen by most startups.
Experts say that each project goes through common stages to access investment funds and the community. Therefore, the operating model needs to focus on the community development and marketing departments.
According to Mr. Leon Truong, depending on the product and scale, startups focus on a specific department to exploit the potential of blockchain effectively. Blockchain games focus on the image creation department, finance focuses on the data department, platform developers invest in core technology, the health care field needs the coordination of experts medical.
The blockchain community is growing strongly globally, so Vietnamese blockchain has many opportunities to develop its potential and participate in the international market.