Cooperating to launch the Blockchain Development and Application Center

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2023-10-14 18:20:48
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Việt Nam chính thức có trung tâm phát triển và ứng dụng công nghệ Blockchain

Launching ceremony of Blockchain technology development and application center.
On February 22, DTS Group in collaboration with RUNSYSTEM officially announced the establishment of the Blockchain development and application center - MIRA Blockchain Center, the first in Vietnam.
According to a representative of DTS Group, the Blockchain technology development and application center - MIRA Blockchain Center will be a stepping stone to bring Blockchain technology to life through physical products integrating technology, high-tech projects, Quality is the premise in technology development in Vietnam.
With the purpose of researching, applying, deploying and transferring Blockchain technology in various fields, applying artificial intelligence technology and life, meeting the current needs of the market, the development and application center Blockchain technology application was born and aims at two main operational goals, including: serving Vietnamese businesses applying Blockchain; Blockchain application in the world market.
Specifically, the center will carry out research and development activities that tend to lead to changes in technology products, or create new combinations from Blockchain technology.
"These activities also increase the ability for businesses to achieve higher technological standards and improve expertise in Blockchain technology and expand markets," a DTS Group representative emphasized.
MIRA Blockchain Center also aims to build high-quality human resources. At the same time, it carries out the task of researching, training and improving skills for human resources in the Blockchain market, as well as providing solutions for highly complex projects in the international market.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, Chairman of DTS Group Truong Gia Bao emphasized the Blockchain technology development and application center - MIRA Blockchain Center, which is an organization that researches and applies technological achievements to the field of manufacturing. production, life and environmental protection.
Mr. Bao said that MIRA Blockchain Center will also be the place to carry out experimental technology projects and topics, transfer and replicate the results of experimental technology topics and projects. At the same time, select techniques and organize testing to complete technical processes suitable for new projects.
"The Center is also a place to provide basic to in-depth knowledge about Blockchain technology to serve development for everyone, a place to organize training and transfer of technological advances to people; organizations and technology enterprises," said DTS Group Chairman Truong Gia Bao.
DTS Group also expects the Blockchain technology development and application center, in addition to contributing to exploiting and training quality human resources in the Blockchain market, and also being a place to research and apply the latest technology to apply new technologies. Research results related to Blockchain technology.
The Center is also expected to be a place to record the journey of developing Blockchain technology in Vietnam, contributing to providing scientific arguments affirming the creativity, development, differences and unique marks of the industry. Vietnamese technology.