Launching Lcademy academy to train Blockchain human resources

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2023-10-14 18:23:15
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According to a report by Chainalysis, an American blockchain market analysis company, Vietnam leads the world in cryptocurrency and Blockchain adoption index, nearly 5 times higher than US users, this shows that the number of Vietnamese people is high. Interest in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is very high. This is a good sign for new technologies, creating great advantages to lead new trends in Vietnam.
MarketsAndMarket's research shows that Vietnam's Blockchain technology market will reach 2.5 billion USD by 2026, or 5 times higher than today. With its increasing popularity and application in many fields, the Blockchain industry is in a state of hot growth and is accompanied by a "thirst" for human resources.
On January 9, Lcademy had a press conference to launch Lcademy Academy, a company providing professional, high-quality human resources for the crypto market. The personnel trained at Lcademy have enough knowledge and background in the Blockchain and crypto industries, with a variety of positions that companies need to recruit such as Business Development, Community Manager, Researcher... and especially two positions. There is an extremely shortage of human resources in the market, including KOLs and Business Development.
With the motto of constantly improving the curriculum based on the level, culture and unique style that each student wants to become for training, Lcademy wishes to become a leading training and human resources provider to meet the needs of students. urgent needs of the Blockchain market in Vietnam.

Press conference to launch Lcademy Academy - Photo: Lcademy
Accompanying the launch event are sponsors and media sponsors with the same vision and direction, including UFIN Group, the unit that supports Lcademy in promoting its image and is also a strategic partner. by Lcademy.
UFIN Group is a financial technology investment group, formerly a technology startup company operating in the fields of AI, Blockchain, Games, and cloud computing. UFIN has developed into a corporation with many subsidiaries, named UFIN Group. In addition to the core activities from its startup predecessor, UFIN Group currently also carries out many investment and support activities for other startups in terms of finance, human resources and technology.

Mr. Johnny Hoang, CEO of UFIN signed a cooperation agreement with Lcademy - Photo: Lcademy
“In the coming time, UFIN will continue to focus on products and knowledge to educate the community; providing complete solutions and operations for partners; providing blockchain, cloud computing and payment solutions; Open Blockchain Talk series with the participation of leading experts and organizations in the field of digital assets to chat and exchange perspectives on the market. And especially, the company will launch an Influencer Platform for KOLs/KOCs in the Blockchain field," Mr. Johnny Hoang, CEO and Co-founder of UFIN company, shared a few words.
The press conference took place successfully with the participation of many leading units, organizations and businesses in the Blockchain sector in Vietnam. Here, sponsors and businesses also gave speeches, congratulating Lcademy, and expressed excitement about the plans Lcademy will bring to the upcoming Blockchain human resources market.