Mira Blockchain & AI Center cooperates with UFIN to issue NFT certificates

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2023-10-09 09:40:14
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Recently, at the DTS Group Digital Transformation Alliance office, a cooperation agreement signing ceremony took place between Mira Blockchain & AI Center and UFIN Group. This event marked an important step forward in the field of Blockchain technology.

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Representatives of the two parties signed the cooperation agreement (Source: UFIN)
Mira Blockchain & AI Center is the first Blockchain & AI technology development application center in Vietnam built by DTS Group in cooperation with GMO Group. Mira Center is expected to be a place to bring Blockchain & AI technology to life through research, training, and development of physical products integrating technology, high-quality, high-tech projects, Since then, it has become a premise for technology development in Vietnam.

Recognizing that Blockchain is developing very quickly and allowing businesses to build powerful solutions at lower costs, Mira Center has organized a contract with Ufin to issue NFT certificates for individuals and organizations.

Mira Blockchain & AI Center's NFT Certification is a comprehensive testing and accreditation program that establishes and manages minimum standards for professional Blockchain certification.

The launch of this certificate will be a bridge between businesses and resources (employees, consultants & advisors) so businesses can trust in quick recruitment. In addition, this will create many opportunities to develop and find jobs in the Blockchain field in the future, while creating clarity and transparency for the education system and businesses.

To talk more clearly about this intention, Mira Center is currently promoting cooperation with major partners in the fields of Blockchain, AI..., and expanding links with many leading domestic and international universities. . This is an important step forward in applying Blockchain technology in practice, specifically in the field of education.

By using NFT certificates, verifying an individual's skills and professional certification will become easy and transparent. This not only facilitates human resource recruitment, but also promotes the overall development of the Blockchain industry, promising to bring many great benefits to the community and society.


The leaders of both sides discussed the direction of upcoming activities (Source: UFIN)
Currently, UFIN Group is focusing on the following areas: Web3 Education Community (UFIN Web3 Era), Incubation Center (UFIN Web3 Incubator), Research and Development Center (UFIN Lab), Community Cluster (UFIN Community). By optimizing the resources and strengths of each side, Mira Center and UFIN are expected to create a breakthrough and bring many values and contributions to the community in the future.

The cooperation between Mira Center and UFIN Group ended in an atmosphere of joy and excitement. The two partners affirmed their commitment and will work on issuing NFT certificates, developing potential projects, and making positive contributions to the development of the Blockchain industry.