UFIN accompanies Vietnam's software industry

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2023-10-14 18:27:04
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UFIN đồng hành với công nghiệp phần mềm Việt Nam

UFIN Technology Company in Vietnam is a gathering place for a team of young technology engineers, but rich in experience, creativity and enthusiasm, with the ambition to become a leader in the field of technology. With over 100 employees and collaborators working in Vietnam and a number of other countries, the UFIN team is constantly updating new global technology trends, as well as participating in software outsourcing for many projects in Asian and European countries.
People who work at UFIN are not just employees, but are always considered members. All members work together to develop the ambition to build technology platforms with Vietnamese imprints on the global market. Their experience participating in bidding for technology projects in other countries has clearly shown them that the intelligence and creativity of Vietnamese engineers are not inferior to any teams from other countries. Therefore, just by joining forces and increasing the strength of solidarity, Vietnam's technological intelligence can compete with the whole world.
With the mission of bringing valuable applications of technology to promote digital transformation quickly and strongly, UFIN wishes to become a pioneer in providing solutions for software and non-operating systems. focus as well as Blockchain technology applied to traditional business fields.
The strong development in recent years of technology in Vietnam, especially in the fields of digital transformation, Blockchain, Metaverse... has helped many Vietnamese technology startups become unicorns in the international market. That is the inspiration to create a strong wave of technology startups in Vietnam, contributing to enhancing the Vietnamese brand in the international arena.
In that context, UFIN Vietnam hopes to join the Vietnamese technology startup community in contributing a small part to the development and shaping of this future picture. With efforts, experience as well as human resources, UFIN aims to accompany and support technology startups through companion activities, platform building, experience sharing...
Ufin's goal in the next 5 years is to become a partner providing services in the fields of Blockchain technology, NFT, Metaverse and software technology solutions for Vietnamese businesses. Besides, UFIN hopes to become a development partner as well as a leading infrastructure platform provider in the above technology fields in the Vietnamese market as well as the Asian region. Currently, UFIN has developed official partners in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia.
To make that happen, not only does the leadership require perseverance, persistence and passion, but it also requires careful preparation in terms of human and financial resources. UFIN constantly strengthens and develops its technology platform, building the spirit and will to confidently conquer the set goals.