UFIN Group and FUNiX launched the Web3 Job Fair Global program

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2023-10-14 17:49:28
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Web3 is a hot topic today because it represents the next generation of the Internet, in which decentralization, privacy and user empowerment are at the forefront. Web3 represents a significant change in the way we think about and use the Internet, and its potential for innovation and disruption has attracted the attention of investors, developers and entrepreneurs.
Focusing on sharing about "Job opportunities in the digital era", the conference gathered speakers who are experts in the field of Web3 from reputable businesses in the region and nearly 3,000 attendees and followers. online.


The conference opens up many opportunities for young people to access recruitment and employment information in the Web3 field, a highly promising and rapidly growing industry in the world.
Throughout the program, the workshop not only provides hot knowledge about attractive job opportunities in the Web3 trend but also helps connect businesses and candidates, suggesting paths to help young people access new jobs. Attractive career and ideal place to study globally.
The program opened with Keynote 1 with the topic "The future of work in the Web3 industry" presented by speaker Cecillia Y, Head of Huobi Live (China), an expert in the field of Web3. The talk delves into three key points that highlight the transformative potential of the Web3 industry and the future of work: Web3 Market Potential, Future of Work on Web3.0, and Meeting Recruiting Needs application, how learners need to prepare their luggage.
Accordingly, the speaker affirmed that the Web3 industry has enormous potential, promising to reshape various sectors and empower individuals in unprecedented ways. To enter the Web3 era, which is characterized by fierce competition, knowledge of blockchain technology and Web3 is essential. Those who are passionate and want to be creative need to be equipped with skills, programming knowledge, and the ability to design and develop applications based on blockchain and Web3 technology.
“In addition to knowledge, you should equip additional skills such as project management, research and creativity, analysis and decision making, communication skills, the ability to build a personal brand, and constantly learn. ask..." - speaker Cecilia Y emphasized.


Experts emphasize Web3 allows them to leverage their skills and expertise in a decentralized and globally connected environment.
In Keynote 2 about "The potential of Web3 for startups", speaker Jayz Nguyen - Co-founder and CMO of Mesea NFT Exchange (Vietnam) summarizes the prospects for startups in the Web3 era, when New technologies such as blockchain, dApps, AI, cryptocurrency... dominate every area of life.
“Startups have a lot of potential to develop the technologies that dominate Web3 today, for example in the financial industry, health care, etc. The advice is that you should strive to bring solutions to customers, Regularly interact with the Web3 community, expand business cooperation and improve understanding to attract new users. Don't forget to be flexible to change and adapt to all situations" - Mr. Jayz Nguyen advised.
Sharing about the topic "Freelance and remote work on Web3 - Necessary knowledge and skills", speaker Jocasta Dang - CMO UFIN said that the Web3 industry offers interesting opportunities for freelancers and remote workers. Web3 allows them to leverage their skills and expertise in a globally connected and decentralized environment. There are countless attractive jobs both in the IT industry and outside the industry, and it is important that we prepare our knowledge and skills to take advantage of these opportunities. The speaker suggested important skills that young people need to focus on to work remotely effectively: Communication and Collaboration; Self-management and discipline; Adaptability and flexibility.
Answering the question “How can individuals stay up to date with the rapid advancements and changes taking place in the Web3 industry?” From the audience, Mr. Hoang Viet Thang - Director of FUNiX Human Resources Supply Center, Head of the Organizing Committee said: Individuals can update activities such as participating in the Web3 community on forums and networks. social (Discord, Telegram...) to learn; Actively participate in academic activities and share knowledge from experts; Take advantage of platforms like Udemy, Udacity... to study and receive professional training from technology courses. If you need a mentor, young people can refer to flexible online courses at FUNiX, where there are thousands of mentors ready to support. In addition, with a solid network of business partners, FUNiX can support job connections for students in this attractive Web3 field.

Attending the event as a co-organizer, representative of UFIN Group - General Director Hoang Phuoc Thanh also shared: "With the rapid development of Blockchain technology and the flow of the Web3 digital era, the need to recruit The high quality in this field is increasing day by day. Ufin Web3 Incubator always gives top priority to training and nurturing talents. We hope that this series of Web3 Job Fair Global activities will receive more enthusiastic cooperation from businesses to jointly build a high-quality Web3 community, contributing to promoting prosperous development. of the economy".


FUNiX, UFIN and 5 strategic partners signed a cooperation agreement, pledging to accompany them to develop learning programs, human resource training activities, and promote the Web3 market to advance faster.
Closing the Conference, FUNiX, UFIN and 5 strategic partners signed an important cooperation agreement surrounding the activities of Web3 Job Fair Global. Partners include: TSS Digital Asset Management Center; Greenwich University Vietnam; DTS Group; COS.TV (Pioneer video platform powered by Contentos blockchain); Lcademy Academy. Accordingly, the units pledge to cooperate extensively to strongly develop learning programs and human resource training activities, promoting the Web3 market to advance faster.