UFIN representative participated in speaking at the ICFME 2023 event

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2023-10-09 09:41:54
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ICFME 2023: Khám phá cách Blockchain ứng dụng trong giao dịch tài chính, quản lý tài sản

ICFME 2023: Discover how Blockchain is applied in financial transactions and asset management.

ICFME 2023 International Conference organized by Ton Duc Thang University and Eli Broad School of Business (Michigan State University, USA), Faculty of Management and Economics (Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic) and Faculty of Economics Business, Education, Law and Arts (University of Southern Queensland, Australia) organized, with the companion of DTS Group Digital Transformation Alliance (DTS Group), Vietnam Financial Consulting Association (VFCA); Digital Asset Management Center (TSS).

The conference attracted scientists to attend in person and online from many countries such as the US, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Australia, Taiwan (China), Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The workshop also had the participation and sharing of practical experiences from experts from units such as: UFIN, FUNDGO Creative Investment Fund, PiBridge.

Sponsors of the program include: UFIN, Klaytn, FUNDGO, MONIWAR, PIBRIDGE, ICAEW, Dai Bac, ONUS, Run Together, Onebit, Dizim, World@meta, Metaguest, Heralding, Goinbe, Mira, Mission Map, Wetaps .

Accompanying ICFME 2023 are also units: LCademy, Blockx Network, BLCKCHN, Cryptoleak VN, SPAC3SHIP, Dora Hacks, Bitnews Social, Web3Space, Web3 Daily, HotQA, Klarda, Cos.tv, Followin, Hatten Group, Gategame, Twendee , OffChain, Spores Network, The LightHouse.

In addition, on the sidelines of the event, a workshop with the theme "Application of Blockchain in Fintech" will also take place to connect and open scientific cooperation opportunities between universities, institutes, and research centers around the world with the association. Industry and business associations in Vietnam.

Speaking at the opening of the program "Application of blockchain in Fintech", Mr. Truong Gia Bao - Vice President of Vietnam Financial Consulting Association (VFCA), Chairman of DTS Group Digital Transformation Alliance, emphasized the trend and The digitalization trend is changing globally. Accordingly, the workshop "Application of blockchain in Fintech" was organized with the purpose of focusing on exploring how Blockchain can be applied in the financial sector, from direct financial transactions between parties without the need for intermediaries. to use smart contracts to perform financial transactions and manage assets.

At the conference, experts and professors from universities from countries such as the US, Germany, Australia and the Czech Republic,... also brought knowledge and expertise to share about potentials and challenges. of applying Blockchain in the field of finance and digitalization. Through this, ICFME 2023 participants will have the opportunity to learn and update knowledge about Blockchain applications in the field of finance and economic management.

Experts also assess that Blockchain has become one of the most groundbreaking technological innovations of the current era. The decentralization and transparency of this technology has the potential to transform many industries, including finance, supply chain management, healthcare and more.

Accordingly, ICFME 2023 is also organized to capture this technological development in the field of finance and economic management.

Topics discussed throughout the program at the conference include: financial markets; legal framework for digital banking and finance; How to organize finance in the technological age; Topics on financial and economic management using technology, business models, financial planning, international trade under the influence of Blockchain technology as well as the impact of Blockchain projects on business activities businesses, organizations and the economy in general.

In addition, on the sidelines of the event, a workshop with the theme "Application of Blockchain in banking and finance" will also take place to connect and open scientific cooperation opportunities between universities, institutes, and research centers around the world. with professional associations and businesses in Vietnam.

The workshop program includes sharing from leading industry experts: Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thang - Chairman of the digital asset management center (TSS); Mr. Luong Hoang Hung - Vice President of Vietnam Federation of Science and Entrepreneurship, Editor-in-Chief of Intellectual Property & Creativity magazine; Mr. Lubor Holmoka - Deputy Faculty of Economics, Tomas Bata University in ZLin; Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong - Director of FUNDGO fund management company; Mr. Marc Hoelmer - Master of Business and Technical Management (Strategy, Finance, Information, Operations and Risk Management, and Technology"; Mr. Bui Minh Cong - Business Director of UFIN; and Mr. Victor Nguyen - CEO of Pibridge brought students knowledge and practical perspectives of the future of the financial technology industry.