UFIN signed a contract with the Faculty of Banking and Finance - Ton Duc Thang University

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2023-10-14 18:12:44
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In the booming Web3 era of the next era, when making business and marketing decisions based on data and high technology is increasingly important and developing continuously, the cooperation between universities and Business is becoming an urgent need, bringing the best values to the teaching and research work of schools to keep up with the general development speed of the industry today.
With the mission of bringing the most up-to-date practical knowledge to students about Web3 on a modern technical and technological platform that goes along with the development of the world, UFIN Web3 Incubator will be a companion unit of Ton University. Duc Thang City. Ho Chi Minh City implements Web3 training series programs and supports Web3 research projects at the school.

Mr. Hoang Phuoc Thanh (General Director of UFIN Group - Representative of UFIN) and Mr. Nguyen Gia Duong (Responsible for Finance Department) signed a cooperation agreement together
According to the content of the signing session on April 21, this cooperation includes programs that integrate Web3 into training series programs at the Web3 Training Center. Through this cooperation program, UFIN Web3 Incubator will support schools to update the latest knowledge about Web3 on technical platforms, provide practical learning methods on projects and real-life examples to improve the quality of knowledge. The closest knowledge to practice and the business environment for students.
In addition, in order to discover and train young talents with high professional knowledge, UFIN Web3 Incubator also accompanies a Start-up incubation competition through the Web3 Training Center - Start-up support program. -up student Web3. The UFIN Web3 Incubator training series program is for all students who are interested and oriented to develop in the field of Web3 on a technical basis. The program will create opportunities for talented students to practice, work and study on real projects with direct guidance from senior researchers of UFIN Web3 Incubator and Web3 Community. Era, receive salary support as well as experience a professional working environment with a flat culture and receive advice on building a clear career in the Web3 field.

Teachers of the Department of Technology at Ton Duc Thang University and the Board of Directors of UFIN company took commemorative photos
At the ceremony, Mr. Hoang Phuoc Thanh - General Director and Co-Founder of UFIN Group shared: "UFIN is the first enterprise to sign a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Finance and Banking of Ton Duc Thang University in the field of Web3. This is an industry with many future training directions. This is also an important prerequisite step for Popularization - Training - Orientation to improve industry knowledge for students at the school. We hope that with this cooperation, the training chain will become closer and closer to the needs of students and businesses, to create a quality community, together taking the first steps into this potential Web3 era.”