UFIN Web3 Incubator cooperates with Mesea to train human resources in Blockchain field

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2023-10-14 18:18:24
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Technology is changing life quickly and dramatically. Web3, AI, Big Data, and Metaverse are terms that have been changing everyone's lives. Accompanying this growth is an increase in recruitment demand, these concepts are opening up new opportunities, improving existing services and products, and creating unique experiences for customers. user.
Web3, also known as the Decentralized Web, is a new decentralized network that allows data to be centrally stored and decrypted through Blockchain. Web3 allows decentralized applications to operate independently and ensures safety and security for users. Web3 is creating a large number of new applications, including cryptocurrencies, decentralized markets and decentralized systems.
AI and Big Data also play an important role in the changes in life today. AI allows applications to be created to help humans solve complex problems and automate processes. Big Data provides businesses and organizations with complex data to analyze and make smart decisions.
Both AI and Big Data are growing strongly and are an indispensable part of modern life. Metaverse is a virtual world created using technology. This world can be used to carry out leisure activities, shopping and even work.

Mr. Hoang Phuoc Thanh, CEO & Co-Founder UFIN Group. (Photo: UFIN)
Realizing the importance of AI, Metaverse, Big Data and Web3 technologies to the development of the economy and modern life, training human resources with knowledge and skills in these technologies is essential. necessary and urgent, UFIN Web3 Incubator is ready for the long-distance race to the next era of Web3 - the era of truth.
UFIN Web3 Incubator said it has accompanied Mesea in training human resources for the fields of AI, Metaverse, Big Data and Web3 technology.
With all the new opportunities that come with this technology, there is no doubt that businesses need to start rebranding for the future. By following in the footsteps of UFIN Web3 Incubator, affirming your business's brand and making it unique will no longer be too far away.
UFIN Web3 Incubator said that this unit always focuses on the smallest construction steps with businesses. And Mesea NFT Exchange is one of the highly rated technology start-ups and received Audit Badge from UFIN Web3 Incubator.
On the morning of March 25, 2023, at office No. 1 R Street, Lakeview City Urban Area, An Phu Ward, District 2, City. In HCM, the Mesea Web3 NFT Marketplace platform exchange held a new office launch event with the participation of UFIN Web3 - Strategic Incubator in supporting the development of Blockchain Start-up projects worldwide.
Furthermore, according to future planning directions, the ecosystem surrounding the Blockchain industry plays a very important role, promoting the Blockchain industry to become a spearhead technology of Vietnam and the Asian region.

Representatives of UFIN and Mesea signed a cooperation agreement. (Photo: UFIN)
“We are happy to cooperate with Mesea to train human resources for the fields of AI, Metaverse, Big Data and Web3 technology. We hope to contribute to exploiting the Web3 era, connecting communities and developers to create an environment for mutual development. In addition, we provide infrastructure to support Web3 development, build systematic Web3 knowledge data and give it back to the community," said Mr. Hoang Phuoc Thanh, CEO of UFIN.
According to him, this is an opportunity for everyone to learn and equip themselves with the latest skills. Training human resources to meet the needs of these fields is very important to help ensure the sustainable development of technology and help Vietnam's economy reach further into the world.
Web3, AI, Big Data and Metaverse are important trends in life today. The cooperation between Mesea and UFIN Web3 Incubator in human resource training is an important step to meet the needs and "thirst" of the market in these fields.