UFIN Web3 Incubator cooperates with Mesea to train human resources in Blockchain field

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2023-09-14 13:38:14
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On the morning of March 25, 2023, at office No. 1 R Street, Lakeview City Urban Area, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Mesea Web3 NFT Marketplace platform exchange held a new office launch event with the participation of Ufin Technology - Strategic Incubator in supporting the development of Blockchain Start up projects worldwide.

The launch event of the Mesea NFT Marketplace trading platform was organized by the project owner - Mesea Group in City. Ho Chi Minh took place successfully. The launch attracted more than 200 leading industry partners to attend and sign cooperation agreements to create new steps for the upcoming Web3 NFT era.

Recorded at the launch event of the Mesea Web3 NFT Marketplace platform exchange project, it was shown that the majority of participating and signing partners are investors, Incubators, Lab, Ventures, in addition to experts. Blockchain infrastructure system researcher and customers are large projects that want to list NFTs on the floor, completely decentralized. In the bustling atmosphere of the launch ceremony, project owner Mesea Group announced many pioneering Web3 platforms in technology, an attractive signing program and answered all questions of the attending guests. .

"We are very happy to cooperate with Mesea to train human resources for the fields of AI, Metaverse, Big Data and Web3 technology," Mr. Hoang Phuoc Thanh - CEO of UFIN especially emphasized on the Web3 niche market. “We hope to contribute to exploiting the Web3 era, connecting communities and developers to create an environment for mutual development. In addition, we provide infrastructure to support Web3 development, build systematic Web3 knowledge data and give it back to the community."

Following the success of the vibrant decentralized trading platform Mesea Web3 NFT Marketplace with an average of 100,000 visitors in the past, Mesea Web3 NFT Marketplace is now honored to be an official partner of Ufin Group and rated marks significant progress through this project.

This is a project that Mesea Group has thoroughly researched with all its enthusiasm for users based on the core platform and techniques, completely decentralized, hoping to bring a potential project with no transaction costs. NFT trading is user-friendly, secure, convenient, and completely decentralized. A "promised land" enough for users to create, buy, sell and trade quality NFTs on the market.

Mesea Web3 NFT Marketplace decentralized exchange is researched into Asia's first "Platform" "Multichain" exchange with 4 special technical platforms

– Multichain support
– SWAP – P2P – NFT

The birth of Mesea Web3 NFT Marketplace is a new step for the technology-loving community, where experts meet and share the vision and mission of promoting Vietnam's development with a digital economy and bringing Vietnamese blockchain to the world. gender.

Furthermore, according to future planning directions, the ecosystem surrounding the Blockchain industry plays a very important role, promoting the Blockchain industry to become a spearhead technology of Vietnam and the Asian region.

According to experts, the success of the Mesea Web3 NFT Marketplace platform exchange project comes not only from serious investment in technology infrastructure but also from understanding users' trading needs. NFT, artists, creators and owners of Blockchain & Crypto projects.

Mesea Web3 NFT Marketplace trading platform is one of the potential projects that Mesea Group wants to introduce to users and investors. This launch marks the opening of a new step for the Blockchain community in Vietnam in general and the Web3 NFT community in particular, where the community and experts meet and share the vision and mission of promoting Vietnam. develop the digital era in the coming years.